JSHacks 2019

EduTech Edition v4.0

25 - 27 th October

TechHub Bucharest


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EduTech Challenges

for the brave ones

Education isn't simple right ? But it has a broad spectrum of areas where it can be improved and innovated! So it's up to you to change the future through education! We have a couple of ideas:

  • Digital literacy
  • Personalised learning
  • Alternatives to grading
  • Alternatives to traditonal school
  • Robotics / Coding
  • Adaptive learning algorithms
  • Mobile learning
  • Game based learning
  • Team learning



This year Modex is challenging one team to take on a special project called Educational Portal : online grades catalog, portal for parents and professors, homework, schedule and help for students.

The team that develops this challege will benefit from all Modex infrastructure & blockchain DB and future mentorship and incubation at Modex HQ to develop this into a fully fledged startup.

How awesome is that ? 🤩

JSHacks Agenda

3 days of EduTech


18:30 - Registration

19:00 - Opening Talks & Goodies

19:45 - Ideas Presentation & Team Formation

21:00 - 23:00 Start Hacking


09:00 Breakfast & Good Time

10:00 - 13:00 Intense Coding

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch, Drinks & Surprises

14:00 - 17:00 Mentorship

17:00 Hacking Continues 'till Night (or 'till 23:00)


09:00 Breakfast & Good Time

10:00 Hacking Continues with fun

13:00 Lunch & Drinks

13:00 - 16:00 Pitch Practice with Ardor Muntenia

16:00 Demos & Ending Ceremony

Pitch Practice

by Ardor Muntenia

Sunday, 27 th October

The boys from Ardor Muntenia, the most awesome debate organization in Romania, are going to provide mentorship and help for the presenters from each team to make their final pitch shine in front of the jury. This is the first time we introduce Pitch Practice in the JSHacks format to sustain the development of future startups.











the experts

Dorin Stan

Software Engineer

Irina Dumitru

Bucharest Campus Manager

Radu Gramatovici

@Facultatea de Mate-Info Universitate Bucuresti

Eduard Budacu

Agile Coach & Founder @Dovelopers


the wizards

Alin Iftemi

Head @Modex

Alin is the Head of Modex, the blockchain database company. A fully skilled programmer, he is the driving force behind the technological breakthrough platform designed for developers and enterprises engaged in the blockchain world.

Passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Alin is currently one of the guys who is working to adopt the blockchain revolution in the real life with real results. With almost 20 years work experience in big tech companies, he sees the future as a close relation between technology and people.

Matthias Margot

JS Trainer @WildCodeSchool | JS App Developer @Aggero

As a Trainer for WildCodeSchool Matthias leads students of any prior experience level on their journey into the realms of JavaScript & its ecosystem. He's the technical face of the school in Bucharest representing them at workshops & events and helping the european network of campuses expand by adding a node to the Bucharest landscape for the first time.

At Aggero he's building the application for its big data & machine learning driven adtech analytics tool.

Adrian Malaies-Popescu

CEO & Trainer @Ardor Muntenia

Adrian has been training young people in speech and argumentation since 2010, when he joined the training team of ARDOR Muntenia. Over the years, he has accumulated thousands of hours and training with young students, both professionally and on a volunteer basis. Currently, his training work focuses on young professionals looking to improve their argumentation, delivery and conflict management skills. In his free time he judges public speaking tournaments and reads SF literature.

He also happens to manage ARDOR Muntenia and as executive director he coordinates the activity of more than 50 debate clubs and most of the projects with and about debate in the south of Romania.

Giorgiana Vlasceanu

Co-founder @Codette

Giorgiana is the Co-founder and Vice President of Codette, an organization for people with a passion for technology that promotes diversity and education at all levels. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Computer Science, Teaching Assistant at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers.

Giorgiana received the Forbes Romania “30 Under 30” award in 2017.

Eduard Budacu

Agile Coach & Founder @Dovelopers

Eduard has a background in software development, agile consultancy and teaching. He is specialised in Agile, Scrum, Mobile & Web Development. Passionate about personal growth and learning how computers "think".

As a JSHacks mentor he looks forward to support any team that aims to create awesome digital learning experiences.

Andrei Onel

Founder @edumo.org

Andrei always had a interest for education and technology. Inspired by Khan academy, he founded edumo.org, which offers free online math videos and exercises.

As a member of Code 4 Romania he is responsible redirectioneaza.ro, a website that helps NGOs collect the 2% form.

Anca Bundaru

Lead Product Marketing Manager @Bitdefender

Anca Bundaru leads product marketing at Bitdefender. Her job is to demonstrate how Bitdefender’s products solve the world's security, making the customer the priority, and ultimately, letting technology speak for itself.

She keeps close to the entrepreneurial culture and she likes to immerse herself in innovation ecosystems.

Claudia Ifrim

Software Engineer

Claudia is software engineer and currently a PhD student at Politehnica University of Bucharest Doctoral School. During the course of her career she gained a strong background in web development with a focus on Java, Drupal, AngularJS, VueJS, Node.js, Python and Apache Solr.

She believes education is very important, whether formal or not, and for some years she has taught computer science courses at the University of Bucharest, Politehnica University of Bucharest and other technology oriented events.

Bogdan Raduta

Applications Cluster Manager @rinftech

Bogdan Raduta delivers managed digital products at RINF TECH. His job is to design and build products based on different technologies, including Machine Learning, Robotics mixed with AR, VR, or even IoT on all possible platforms mobile, web, embedded and many more.

He is addicted to startup culture and loves to work hands-on on products and see how an idea can become a reality. He is also part of our code community, supporting @BSOAI (Bucharest School of AI).

Andrei Olaru

CEO @Critique Gaming & Senior Trainer @ARDOR Muntenia

An economics and security studies graduate but more importantly a debater with titles like Oxford or Cambridge IV ESL Finalist under his belt, Andrei spent the first part of his adult life working as a debate, public speaking and argumentation trainer.

In 2017 he co-founded Critique Gaming, a studio committed to developing meaningful games that explore relevant contemporary topics. The studio is on the verge of releasing its first title, the noir detective game "Interrogation".


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